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 How Much Does Service Cost?

Is there a fee for these services?

Yes, there is a reasonable fee that is agreed upon prior to any services being performed. Neighbors in Action services are provided on an ability to pay cost sharing basis. This means that the amount that each person or couple pays depends on their individual situation and what they are able to pay. We are dedicated to working with each person to ensure that the fee is manageable for them and to make sure they get the help they are looking for. While our goal is to have people contribute financially to sustaining this programing, no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay.


Why is there a fee? 

Costs for services are necessary in order to cover the expenses of running the program as a whole. This includes the cost of staffing as well as simply paying the insurance and phone bill for the program.

Why should I pay for these services?

Our mission is to help older adults  to continue to live safety in their homes. Our belief is that if older adults are able to access affordable help with challenges that they face in their homes, than it will be easier for them to remain in their homes longer, delaying the need to consider other living arrangements such as assisted living or nursing facilities, which are quite costly. This logic is based on the idea that if you spend a little now, you save a lot later.

Is there any assistance available to help pay for service?

Yes, assistance may be available depending on your eligibility.  We can help connect you with Houston County Public Health whose Care Coordinators will conduct a comprehensive assessment. 

Our Rates

The full cost to provide service ranges. We charge fees using a Sliding Fee Scale based on household income.  Our staff will meet with you and arrange a fee that you can afford. Please don't let the cost of care prevent you from asking for help.


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